Gentle Nutrition

Gentle nutrition is all about tuning into our body to address any cravings or desires we may have while honoring those feelings. Restricting certain foods or food groups can be harmful to our mental and emotional health. Paying attention to how our body feels as we consume meals and snacks is important in deciphering when our craving has been met. Removing the guilt that often comes with consuming salty, fried foods, desserts, etc. is important in living a happy, fulfilled life while allowing us to enjoy our favorite foods without remorse. (2)

Helpful Tips

  •  Remove any distractions (TV, multitasking, chatting) while eating to truly focus on the flavors, textures of the food you are enjoying. 
  •  Pay attention to how your body feels as you enjoy your meal/snack to know when you are satisfied & your craving has been met
  • Put trust in yourself to be able to acknowledge hunger cues 
  • Maintain a 'non-diet' mentality by giving yourself permission to eat the foods you desire & to eat when your body tells you that you are hungry