Exercise is a key aspect in being able to live a healthy lifestyle. It goes hand in hand with intuitive eating, as there is also a type of movement called intuitive movement. This focuses on how the movement feels rather than the amount of calories that are burned. “This concept was originally envisioned as a positive relationship with movement that could be fostered by becoming more mindful about how one’s body is feeling before, during, and after exercise.” (Yon, A. L., Reel, J. J., Chen-Edinboro, L., Pate, M. R., Reich, J. C., Hillhouse, L. A., & Kantor, R. (2022)) Intuitive movement can help with intuitive eating as it help a person become more in tune with their body. 

Get Started

There are so many ways to get involved in exercise. It can be very beneficial to start with someone close to you or go to a class with other individuals. Intuitive movement involves finding something that is enjoyable and doing it for the movement instead of the steps or minutes. There are several different type of classes offered in gyms or online. You can also get started by simply going for a small walk or doing a short stretch.