Our Team

All of us have our own journeys with Intuitive Eating.  It has become a part of our daily lives and we hope that through sharing our experiences  it inspires others to work toward a healthy relationship with food and movement. 
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Spring of 2019 I began treatment for my 20+ years of having an eating disorder. My dietitian and therapist both had me read and and work from the workbook "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. Although it has been a long process, my relationship with food is so much better and I no longer engage in the eating disorder behaviors I once did. Intuitive eating led me to learn to listen to my body, and honor what it is asking me for. I eat fun foods I thought I had to stay away from and no longer obsess over what I can and cannot have. The food and body freedom I now have Is something I hope all people can achieve one day. 


Throughout my life with athletics, I found that intuitive eating was the best way for me to fuel my activities and stay on top of my nutritional needs. As my life has shifted, I found that it continued to be a way to help me stay active and not be under or over nourished. Intuitive eating is a huge part of my life and has made me more aware of my body in so many ways. 


From counting calories and measuring everything that I consumed (even my oil), to eating intuitively and feeding my body with foods full of nutrients. Before I decided to stop counting calories and being restrictive with myself, I would look at food as something that I needed to stay away from. Now I love cooking and making delicious foods that satisfy my cravings but are still nutritious for the body, like making sweet potato fries!


I've always been into athletics growing up. Being a part of these communities often comes with coaches & instructors trying to tell you what to eat for optimal performance and aesthetic appeal. This caused me to develop an eating disorder at a very young age that took years for me to find my way out of. After finding out about intuitive eating & learning to honor my body & its cravings, I have been able to live a happy, fulfilled life.  I'm now able to eat out with friends & family without guilt or fear. With this, my athletic performance has drastically improved as a result of this lifestyle. 


Growing up I bounced from diet to diet always trying to be smaller. This ruined my relationship with not only my body but also with food. Food is a large part of my culture like many of us. With intuitive eating I have been able to make peace with food and have greater confidence in myself and my ability to eat foods that make me feel good. Especially cultural foods that I can now enjoy guilt free!